Type - TSP100

ThermosyphonPot System


Thermosyphon is a method of passive heat exchange based on natural convection which circulates a fluid without necessity of mechanical pump. A good thermosyphon has a very little hydraulic resistance so that liquid can flow easily under relatively low pressure produced by natural convection.


To provide a flow of cooling media to the mechanical seal at required pressure.


Refining, Oil and Gas industry, Chemical industry, Petrochemical industry.


  • - The exchange of heat takes place by thermosyphon principle or forced circulation.
  • - Media in the vessel is forced into the seal through bottom line.
  • - Hot fluid leaves the seal through top line back into the vessel.
  • - Hot media is then cooled by contact with the walls of the tank and cooling coils.

Basic components

  • Tank
  • Cooling coils
  • Pressure switch
  • Slight glass
  • Manometer
  • Level switch

Material of construction

  • Tank : SS316, SS304, Carbon steel
  • Cooling coil : SS316, SS304, Copper


Operating parameters vary depending on the Application and tank volume.

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