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Product Code : PS34 Category

Bi – Directional Mechanical Seal

Characteristics :

Standard design, Single seal, Unbalanced, Inside mounted, Independent of direction of rotation.

Operating :

Shaft Diameter 25mm to 90mm
Pressure 14 bar (max.)
Temperature -25°C to 200°C


Bi Directional Mechanical Seal are used in Chemical, Water & Slurry Industries. Ashish Seals is Mumbai, India based #1 Manufacturer, Suppliers, and Exporters of Bi Directional Mechanical Seals.

Data Flow Chart

# Description
1 Mating Ring
2,4 O-ring
3 Seal Ring
5 Spring
6 Drive Collar
7 Grub screw
8 Pin

Material of Construction

  • Faces : Ceramic, Carbon, Silicon carbide, Tungsten carbide, Lecrolloy
  • Elastomers : FKM, FFKM, EPDM, NBR, Silicon, Aflas
  • Metallurgy : SS316, SS316L, SS304


Chemical, Water, Slurry.