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Product Code : BS14 Category

Metal Bellow Mechanical Seal

Characteristics :

Standard design, Single mechanical seal, Inherently balanced, Inside mounted, Independent of direction of rotation, Metal bellows.

Operating :

Shaft Diameter 25mm to 100mm
Pressure 20 bar (max.)
Temperature -20°C to 350°C


A Metal Bellow Mechanical Seal is a kind of seal that is mainly used in the process of containing fluid, especially from pumps and mixers. The mechanical seal is much needed so as to seal between the shaft and the pump housing so that it can help in containing the pressure of the pump. The bellow mechanical seal can help in withstanding the friction caused by the shaft rotating.

These kinds of bellow mechanical seals are characteristically working towards maintaining the strength between friction faces. The Metal bellows mechanical seal comes with some advantages and in relation to conventional spring systems. Ashish Seals is one of the prominent manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of mechanical seals in Mumbai and worldwide. It is also an ISO 9001 – 2015 Certified Company that holds the capability to design and wide range of mechanical seals that can help in meeting the demands of various industries.

The mechanical seal holds the capability to increase the continuous work cycles. The fabrication also provides great chemical resistance to uphold its performance. It also holds the characteristics like Standard design, Single mechanical seal, Inherently balanced, Inside mounted, Independent of the direction of rotation, and Metal bellows. Owing to the excellent features of metal bellow mechanical seal these are widely used in different applications like Petroleum, Petrochemicals, and Refineries.

Data Flow Chart

# Description
1 Mating Ring
2,5 Packing
3 Seal Ring
4 Complete Metal Bellow Rotary
6 Grub screw
7 Allen screw
8 Pin

Material of Construction

  • Faces : Carbon, Silicon carbide, Tungsten carbide
  • Elastomers : Grafoil
  • Bellows : AM350
  • Metallurgy : SS316, Carpenter-42


Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Refineries.