ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company

Product Code : BS13 Category

Teflon Bellow Mechanical Seal

Characteristics :

Standard design, Single mechanical seal, Outside mounted, Independent of direction of rotation.

Operating :

Shaft Diameter 20mm to 100mm
Pressure 6 bar (max.)
Temperature -45°C to 120°C


The Teflon Bellow Mechanical Seal is a simple kind of seal that works in a method of containing fluid present in a vessel, which can be typically a pump or a mixer. The mechanical seal is designed in such a manner that it can handle highly corrosive chemicals including concentrated acids, caustic, strong oxidizing, and reducing agents. It can even restrict the flow of chemically active organic components.

The Teflon bellow mechanical seal comes with both upper and lower temperature limit that helps in sealing hot resins, polymers, and cryogenic applications. In this condition, at Ashish Seals, the Teflon Bellow Seals are perfectly designed in such a manner that it can easily handle the highly corrosive liquids efficiently and make the vessel leak-free. The Bellow mechanical seals are mounted outside with a simple installation procedure and thus many industries use it in different applications especially for corrosive media sealing.

Being an ISO 9001 – 2015 Certified Company, the Teflon Bellow Mechanical seals have been designated as a Fixed & replaceable bellow face that is used for different applications. It is designed with characteristics that include Standard design, Single mechanical seal, Outside mounted, Independent of the direction of rotation. It is generally used for handling highly corrosive chemicals and even high-temperature applications and Hydrocarbons. Due to its excellent characteristics, the bellow mechanical seal has used in Petrochemical industry, petroleum refinery, Paper & Pulp industry Extremely corrosive services. It is also used for Chemical centrifugal Pump, Vacuum Pump, and Compressor.

Data Flow Chart

BS13 – Seal with glass filled PTFE faces.
BS13R – Seal with replaceable sealing faces.
# Description
1 Mating Ring
2 Gasket
3 Seal Ring (GFT face)
4 Seal ring (SiC face)
5 Teflon bellow
6 Spring holder
7 Clamp ring
8 Spring
9 Pin
10 Thrust ring
11 Allen screw

Material of Construction

  • Faces : BS13 – GFT, Ceramic, BS13R – Silicon carbide, Ceramic, GFT
  • Bellows : PTFE
  • Springs : Hastelloy-C
  • Metallurgy : SS316, SS304, Hastelloy-C


Extremely corrosive services.