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Thermosyphon Pot System

Objective :

To provide a flow of cooling media to the mechanical seal at required pressure.

Major Benefits :

Prevents dry run
Keeps seal cooled & lubricated
Extends the life of the seal


Ashish Seals is actively involved in manufacturing, supplying and exporting the best quality Thermosyphon Pot System in Mumbai India and overseas. It is designed for double mechanical seas having pumping feature. It finds its wide application in different industries such as Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Refining, and Chemical industry. It is used for double mechanical seals in tandem or back to back seal arrangement. This provides required cooling and lubrication to the seal faces for achieving its recommended seal life. It is equipped with cooling coil that is present within the shell for bringing down the temperature of the barrier fluid that comes from the seal to Thermosyphon.

Working Principle

Thermosyphon pot is ideally used for smooth running of mechanical seal. Besides it extends seals’ life. Its basic function is to offer a counter pressure to the system. This will result in its intact seal faces and bring down the temperature in the seal chamber. This provides continuous lubrication to seal faces. Failure of proper lubrication results in the seal failure. It is mainly because the seal face gets rubbed against each other at a very high speed. As a result, heat is generated on and near seal faces. The media creates a thin fluid film between the seal faces that disables the dry running of the seal faces. In Thermosyphon, pressure is higher than the system. Therefore, in case of any kind of leakage, the media is pressurised into the system. This makes the entire system leak proof.

Data Flow Chart


  • – The exchange of heat takes place by thermosyphon principle or forced circulation.
  • – Media in the vessel is forced into the seal through bottom line.
  • – Hot fluid leaves the seal through top line back into the vessel.
  • – Hot media is then cooled by contact with the walls of the tank and cooling coils.


Refining, Oil and Gas industry, Chemical industry, Petrochemical industry.

Material of Construction

  • Tank : SS316, SS304, Carbon steel
  • Cooling coil : SS316, SS304, Copper

Basic components

  • Tank : Slight glass
  • Cooling coils : Manometer
  • Pressure switch : Level switch


Operating parameters vary depending on the Application and tank volume.